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Today I went for a drive out to The Gorge Campground, Aratula.

I went out there to see how long it takes to get there from where we live in Cedar Vale, QLD, and it was a 50min drive on the speed limit, which isn’t too bad. But also went out to see what it would be like for camping at, since I found it in the Camps 4 Australia wide book.

The site looks quite good, nice little bush camping spot that would take a fair few campers, with a dirt road leading further in for some more secluded, but non grassed camp sites. Most of the main area has picnic tables and fire places which is always handy and one larger area has a large fire ring setout for decent size fires :)

Fees are $4 per night per person, which is pretty good price and would be best to take some firewood. There is a pile of it there, but no mention as to whether it can be bought or just burnt.

At this stage I’m not sure if pets are allowed even though the camps 4 book says yes, but will find out for sure.

On Sunday, I ran the 5km bridge to brisbane for the first time ever.

After all the work I’ve done this year with weight loss and exercising I thought it was time to see if I could physically do a fun run.

2 weeks earlier I started training for this by seeing how far I could run on the tread mill in a 30min time limit, since I had opted to do the 5km in the jogging under 45mins option. I had set myself a goal to do it in under 30mins.

After a week of training on the treadmill I had gotten to 4.5km in 30 mins.

After this I decided to take it to the road and see how I went with hills and non moving surface. Best I got down to was 5km in 32.5mins.

So on the day I thought with all the excitement of being in the race I should be able to get to 30mins.

In the end I actually finished the run at 25mins and 28seconds and officially came in at 449th.

Now after all this, it’s given me the motivation to do it again next year but I’d like to see if I can crack the 20min mark.

On Sunday we took the kids to see Disney on Ice and the Brisbane Entertainment centre. The kids loved it and so did my wife. I thought it was ok, this sort of live show is not something that I’ve ever really been into.

The production started off like a story of a day at Disney land, by intermission the story had completely changed, but it was still good to see how they had done it.

Weight Loss

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Late last year I was doing some cabinetry for one of my clients and noticed that they were eating in a certain way every time I was around there to do some work. This got me curious so I had to ask what was going on. My client said it was eating for life, a way to lose weight and maintain your weight.

I’m sure everyone has heard that we should eat more often, this is part of it. There is a lot more to it, but I won’t go into detail on exactly how it works. All I can say is it did work for me.

On the 29/01/2010 I visited with my client, she is a doctor and also has a phd in health and fitness, and got all the advice and instructions on how to do this.

So I thought I would post exactly what happened to me week by week in the weight loss and measurements. This will give you an idea of how easy it is to lose weight.

I have also included some before and after pics, even though some people really think we shouldn’t put pics of this nature up, I feel it is very important to the overall proof of the effort.

This will be a week by week basis of weight and measurements. There is a couple of times where a week was skipped, this was due to falling over easter, we went on a cruise, and another time had a 4 day long weekend. The beauty of this program is that you can enjoy life and not lose the work you’ve put in.

Date: 29/01/2010
Starting Weight: 97.8 Kg
Arm Size: 38cm
Chest Size: 115cm
Waist Size: 111cm
Hip Size: 115cm
Thigh Size: 60cm

Date: 06/02/2010
Weight: 93.8Kg
Arm Size: 34cm
Chest Size: 110.5cm
Waist Size: 109cm
Hip Size: 113cm
Thigh Size: 57cm

Date: 12/02/2010
Weight: 93.1Kg
Arm Size: 33cm
Chest Size: 107.5cm
Waist Size: 105.5cm
Hip Size: 109cm
Thigh Size: 58cm

Date: 20/02/2010
Weight: 91.6Kg
Arm Size: 32.5cm
Chest Size: 108cm
Waist Size: 104cm
Hip Size: 106cm
Thigh Size: 58cm

Date: 27/02/2010
Weight: 90.4Kg
Arm Size: 33cm
Chest Size: 106cm
Waist Size: 101cm
Hip Size: 103.5cm
Thigh Size: 58.5cm

Date: 06/03/2010
Weight: 88.5Kg
Arm Size: 32.5cm
Chest Size: 105cm
Waist Size: 98cm
Hip Size: 102cm
Thigh Size: 57.5cm

Weight: 87.1Kg
Arm Size: 30.5cm
Chest Size: 105cm
Waist Size: 97cm
Hip Size: 101.5cm
Thigh Size: 57.5cm

Date: 20/03/2010
Weight: 85.4Kg
Arm Size: 31.5cm
Chest Size: 105cm
Waist Size: 97.5cm
Hip Size: 96.5cm
Thigh Size: 57cm

Date: 27/03/2010
Weight: 84.4Kg
Arm Size: 31.5cm
Chest Size: 105cm
Waist Size: 96cm
Hip Size: 97cm
Thigh Size: 57cm

Date: 09/04/2010
Weight: 82.5Kg
Arm Size: 30.5cm
Chest Size: 103cm
Waist Size: 98cm
Hip Size: 96cm
Thigh Size: 56cm

Date: 17/04/2010
Weight: 81.3Kg
Arm Size: 30cm
Chest Size: 103cm
Waist Size: 95cm
Hip Size: 94.5cm
Thigh Size: 56cm

Date: 24/04/2010
Weight: 80.1Kg
Arm Size: 31cm
Chest Size: 101cm
Waist Size: 90.5cm
Hip Size: 94.5cm
Thigh Size: 55cm

Date: 01/05/2010
Weight: 79.0Kg
Arm Size: 31cm
Chest Size: 100.5cm
Waist Size: 89cm
Hip Size: 91cm
Thigh Size: 55cm

Date: 08/05/2010
Weight: 77.5Kg
Arm Size: 30.5cm
Chest Size: 100.5cm
Waist Size: 89cm
Hip Size: 92cm
Thigh Size: 55cm

Date: 22/05/2010
Weight: 77.1Kg
Arm Size: 30cm
Chest Size: 99.5cm
Waist Size: 90cm
Hip Size: 90cm
Thigh Size: 53.5cm

Date: 29/05/2010
Weight: 76.6Kg
Arm Size: 30.5cm
Chest Size: 99cm
Waist Size: 89cm
Hip Size: 89cm
Thigh Size: 51.5cm

Date: 05/06/2010
Weight: 75.4Kg
Arm Size: 31cm
Chest Size: 99cm
Waist Size: 89cm
Hip Size: 88cm
Thigh Size: 51cm

Date: 19/06/2010
Ending Weight: 75Kg
Arm Size: 30.5cm
Chest Size: 99cm
Waist Size: 88.5cm
Hip Size: 88cm
Thigh Size: 51cm

It took 20 weeks for me to lose 22.8kg, by eating properly and combining 30 minutes of walking/running and some weights/crunches nearly every single day. At first it was just 30 minutes of walking, but after I had lost around 10 kilos I needed to start toning and working harder as the walking alone didn’t feel like enough exercise.

As to the actual full information on how to do this, I can’t release it as my client does this for her business, but if you would like to find out more info, please feel free to contact me and I will pass on her details.

While we were in Australind WA over the easter break, we took some time to visit a few wineries and a brewery.

Personally I was looking forward to visiting a brewery as I’m not overly keen on wine, so it was good to try something different. The brewery sounded like it would be good so we all headed up there to try out their beers and have lunch since they offered food as well.

The Wild Bull Brewery, at first looked like we were in for a treat. Very nice looking property and establishment.

As we entered and looked over the menu, the bar staff mentioned to us that it was a 1 hour wait for lunch, due to it being Easter Sunday. We accepted this as it was probably the only place around that we could get lunch, and proceeded to order our meals.

After it taking 1 hour and 30 mins and still nothing being brought out to eat, and seeing another table sit well after us and receiving all their meals before ours, we thought it best to ask what was going on, like most customers would do at that point.

We asked the owner how come it was taking so long and were told that it was being cooked in the order it was taken, which is hard to believe when others had gotten their meals ahead of us after sitting down after us, so we questioned this. The answers we were given were not what you would expect from an owner of any type of business that deals with consumers.

The first answer was, I don’t wear my underwear on the outside and fly around the tables with a cape on! Huh, as if you would ever say that to a customer.

The second answer was, we could either wait for our meal or just walk out the door! Again, as if you would say that to a customer, especially when the meal is paid for in advance.

The third answer was, and how many restaurants do you own? It really makes no difference who we were, both myself and my brother are both business owners who deal with consumers and would never talk to someone like this.

And the final answer was, we’re a brewery, not a restaurant! Well then why on earth are you serving food?

Now I don’t know about everyone else, but we found it arrogant and rude of the owners to speak to us this way. All that they had to do was come out and say, sorry the order is taking a little longer than anticipated, maybe we can offer you a round of drinks or something whilst you wait.

Hopefully with this review, the owners will take this to heart and work on this issue. I know it’s great getting compliments and told your business is doing a great job, but if no-one ever tells you about the negative sides, how is your business supposed to grow.

Yesterday whilst we were in Joondalup WA trying to decide what to do to kill some time before our flight home at 11pm, we were told about Hillary’s Boat Harbour and the kids area there, called The Great Escape, so we decided to go down for a look and to give the boys something to do.

The Great Escape has quite a few things to do there. Rock Climbing, High Rope Course, Water slides, Putt putt golf, Jungle mountain, Trampolines, Kiddie zone and beach side cafe.

The pricing isn’t too bad. You can buy some package passes which include all day access to some of the attractions, but sessions only to others. The sessions could start to add up cost wise if your kids are hounding you for those particular ones, but you will probably find the all day access attractions will really keep them amused, especially the jungle mountain and kiddie zone.

All of the staff were pretty helpful and cafe prices are as expected for cafes.

While you’re there, you can spend some time in retail therapy along the board walk with many of the specialty stores and restaurants.

You can see the prices here

On the weekend just gone, we went camping down at Flanagans Reserve, which is about 10 mins away from Rathdowney QLD.

It’s a great bush camping spot, that has a very nice creek to swim in, even though this weekend it was flowing way to fast to jump in, due to all the recent rain we’ve had in the last couple of weeks. But it did make for some great photos.

We have camped there previously for easter 2008 with a heap of friends. At this time it was very dusty, so made it a very dirty weekend away, but now Gerard the camp ground manager has now come back and is looking after it really well. Plenty of grassy areas and all looking really clean and inviting.

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